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Merging With Nature

Merging With Nature

The Merging with Nature collection tells about unity with the whole world, with everything surrounding us, and about the real path to ourselves. GORGO brand swimwear is decorated with shells, feathers, natural semiprecious stones like agate, pearls, amber, rose quartz, moonstone and others. Why do we use stones? They have existed since the beginning of time, and they have their strength and energy, enhance, and complement our qualities. Moreover, they are as individual as people are.


Before falling into human hands, minerals lie under the ground for thousands of years absorbing an incredible amount of space vibration and the Earth’s energy. Each stone carries a certain charge of energy - you can feel it when purchasing a unique swimsuit by GORGO. It will become a genuine mascot giving every woman exactly what she needs: it will bring sensuality, romance, and love to her life, help her to connect with her inner source, harmonize her condition. This is a wonderful part of wise nature which is always with you!

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