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Econyl is a special nylon with the possibility of endless processing

We care about the environment that’s why we cooperate with Aquafil, which turns ordinary waste into ECONYL's unique, innovative fiber. This is a special recycled nylon made from used nets and other ocean plastic. By the way, equipment left in the ocean, including nylon fishing nets, is about 10% of all marine waste.

Aquafil is an Italian textile company manufacturing nylon since 1969. In 2011, it launched an ambitious project to restore and regenerate old nylon. Its mission is to offer recycled nylon with the same characteristics and qualities as primary nylon. And Aquafil achieved its goal with Econyl, a unique fiber for sportswear, swimwear, and home furnishings.

ECONYL is an “eternal” material that helps to save the oceans. The recycling process is quite complicated, but it can maintain and even improve the quality of nylon. Also it could be recycled endlessly with the Aquafil recovery program.

ECONYL's regenerated nylon offers endless possibilities for both clothing manufacturers and consumers. This means that we can produce, and you can buy trending models without using new resources. Such a concept helps to make our world a better place through the creation of environmentally friendly products and the introduction of closed-cycle regeneration processes. Carvico, the Italian textile leader, produces many fabrics from regenerated nylon that are used by the world's best brands in their collections.

To rid the oceans of pollution, Aquafil with its partners is working to reduce the impact of nets and plastic on marine life. For example, it participates in the Net-Works initiative: picking of used fishing nets in the Philippines and Cameroon in collaboration with local fishing communities. Using regenerated fabrics for our products we not only preserve natural resources but also cleanse our planet of existing waste.