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Black beauty


In addition to a black dress, every woman's wardrobe should have a laconic black swimsuit. Nothing superfluous - this product slims its owner. A plunging neckline adorns the back. This piece of clothing is made of recycled materials (ECONYL® regenerated...

Black grace


Black grace is a stylish swimsuit with elegant decoration, equally appropriate for wild beaches and pool parties. The graceful straps of the model are complemented by light stones, the bodice and bikini are adjustable with ties. This item features high-quality...

Black swan


This black elegant swimsuit is among the bestsellers of our collection. Smooth lines and discreet decoration are the success formula of this model, made of recycled materials (ECONYL® regenerated polyamide + elastane). Italian accessories are water-resistant, they do not oxidize,...

Bright reflection


Bright reflection is a swimsuit, luxuriously decorated with sequins, but still comfortable and practical. Drawstring bodice allows to insert cups and adjust size of the product. Comfortable bikini will make your beach days even more desirable.



An interesting cut of this swimsuit captivates at first sight. The model tank with a short top is complemented by high-quality fittings. The bodice can be transformed by cups, and it's easy to adjust bikini due to ties at their...

Coffee blues


In this two-piece swimsuit everything is wonderful starting from color combinations and ending with fancy cut. The unusual bodice will appeal to connoisseurs of exclusive design. This two-piece swimsuit is the summer icon of the beach fashion. You could insert...

Dark paradise


Black is always win-win. Such a swimsuit slims and emphasizes the body advantages. The laconic cut is the perfect background for the luxurious sequin decor. The sparkling surface of this item will leave no one indifferent! Another virtue: the swimsuit...

Desert island


The whole palette of beige and brown colors of the Desert island swimsuit, decorated with sequins, is like a picture of an unknown rich land in all its splendor. The zigzag patterns of the fabric make this item one of...

Distant star


The beautiful unique swimsuit is the key to a great mood on vacation. This item is complemented by sparkling decor. It definitely won't go unnoticed at the seaside. The swimsuit  is made from high quality regenerated material (ECONYL® regenerated polyamide...

Dreamy laguna


The Dreamy laguna one-piece swimsuit combines several bright details. Black decorative inserts set important accents and catch the eye. The upper part of the item is also interestingly designed with symmetrical knots and noble bodice folds. From the back, Dreamy...

Emerald valley


The noble green is suitable for relaxing both on a sandy beach and near the pool. A swimsuit of this color is good for any environment, it is an ideal choice for complete fusion with nature. An additional advantage of...

Endless midsummer


Sparkling sunny yellow sequins will brighten up every moment of your beach day. With its bright look and contrasting black details, this swimsuit will be great for a pool party too. Comfortable bikini with adjusted drawstrings are another argument in...

Enigmatic galaxy


The decoration is especially important in this swimsuit: stylish chains adorn the bodice and make this model really stunning. The laconic design only contributes to the stylish accessories. The Enigmatic galaxy swimsuit is made of recycled materials (ECONYL® regenerated polyamide...



This one-piece swimsuit embodies the best in beachwear. It is the perfect cut, stylish look, noble decoration. The nice color of the Evergreen swimsuit looks especially good with tanned skin. It's convenient to adjust the swimsuit top by ties.

Golden river


The bright yellow swimsuit is perfect for a beach holiday and for relaxation by the pool. The two-piece item provides an even beautiful tan and convenience, comfortable bikini help you look 100% during the whole vacation.

High tide


In this swimsuit, a laconic cut is complemented by a delicate light perforated fabric. With ties, you can adjust size and transform the item. Regenerated materials used for this piece of clothing allow us not to harm nature - this...



In this swimsuit, details are very important. They set the tone here: pay special attention to the bodice and sides of the panties. Removable loop allows quickly transform this item. It's possible to insert cups adjusting volume. The swimsuit is...



The delightful Lavender swimsuit is made from recycled materials (ECONYL® regenerated polyamide + elastane) and is available in a variety of colors. The cups are adorned with a V-pattern, and the bikini can be adjusted by the side ties.

Loud whisper


Light and airy, this one-piece swimsuit has won many hearts. Thin straps border the chest and emphasize graceful female forms. Sequins adorning the front of the swimsuit create accents that grab the eye. For this item were used regenerated materials...

Metal river


The asymmetrical design of the Metal river swimsuit emphasizes the seductive curves of the female body. The contrasting colors of this item make it even more attractive. The shiny texture of the regenerated fabric is reminiscent of space materials and...

New galaxy


This blue chic swimsuit is really magnificent. Sparkling decoration adorn this piece of swimsuit, it loos amazing. This model is perfect for sunny days at the beach. Thanks to the ties, it's easy to adjust the bodice.

Night sky


This swimsuit is like a reminder of the starry sky. Restrained cut, fashionable Italian accessories and shiny sequins on the swimsuit are the secrets of this chic piece of clothing. The bodice and bikini are adorned with delicate rings. It's...

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